Successful People Who Used To Take Drugs

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September 2, 2018

Many people are not aware of the use of marijuana as medication. The use of marijuana is not bad. This is especially so if the intention is to treat or get relief from pain. There are several conditions that can be managed using medical. These conditions range from mental problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It also offers relief from conditions such as glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis among others.

The are several successful people drugs and especially marijuana to deal with different mental as well as physical condition. Some of these people are highlighted below:

Montel Williams.

He is a host of a popular show known as, The Montel William show. He has had Multiple Sclerosis for a long time. This condition has a devastating effect on the spinal cord and the brain. He has been using marijuana to manage this condition for long. He has often maintained that since he started using marijuana, his health has been much better as the pain he used to feel has reduced.





Oliver Stone.
The famous actor has been on the front line among those who have been advocating for the legalization of Marijuana. He has always said that it is marijuana that saved him from going insane when he was doing his service in Vietnam. He also admitted that the members of his battalion used marijuana to help them relax.






Lady Gaga.

The prominent musician has been open about using marijuana. She said she started using Marijuana to help her cope with the pressures that came with her music career. Besides, marijuana also helped her reduce her level of anxiety manage depression and relieve chronic pain after she underwent a hip surgery.





Morgan Freeman.
The famous actor had a car accident in 2008. This accident left him with pain in his arm. He uses marijuana to reduce this pain. Though he is a strong and open supporter of the cannabis community, he does not use marijuana for recreational purposes. He has often said that marijuana should be legalized as it has several benefits.




Snoop Dogg.

It is common to see Snoop Dog with a marijuana joint in his mouth. The Rapper who is known globally has been using marijuana to manage Glaucoma, a condition he has had for a long time. He has also been a strong supporter of the movement that has been advocating for the legalization of Marijuana.





Melissa Etheridge.
This rock star is a cancer survivor She has been a proponent for the legalization of the use of marijuana for medical purposes. she used marijuana to reduce the painful side effects that come as a result of the multiplication of the cancer cells and the effects of chemotherapy.





Whoopi Goldberg.
The famous actress has been using marijuana to help her cope with glaucoma. In her view, marijuana has helped her reduce the pain that comes as a result of glaucoma. Given the benefits she receives from marijuana including reduced pressure, relief from pain and stress as well as reduced discomfort, she has often maintained marijuana should be legalized.



Taking drugs has led so many lives to waste and it doesn’t discriminate because no matter what your status in the society is you can still a victim of drug abuse. You can see both homeless people and people with harley davidson motorcycle videos whose lives were destroyed by  From these testimonies, it is safe that the safe and proper use of marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. If you use it well, you are also likely to reap the benefits.